Monday, March 21, 2011

The untraveled path

Heavy boots shattering the peace of night,
Flickering rays of oil lamp pierced the darkness,
So many terrifying fables engulfed in darkness of this canyon,
He walked without knowing the truth of the dark nameless fissure,
He walked with fear in his mind but faith in his heart,
The flame fluttered like the fang of snake,
He hoped that dark journey would enlighten his tomorrow,
Once he discovered the concealed potion,
He walked steadily with presumptions,
Suddenly he bumped in a wall of rock,
He got hurt and felt nipping pain,
Still optimism triumphed the pain,
The vainglorious man kept on walking on a unknown trail,
He was defiant and felt insurmountable,
The destiny had a different plan for his zealousness,
He took the next turn and he traveled few hundred feet,
The few seconds of free fall were simulating,
The touchdown was excruciating,
With few broken ribs and ruptured bones,
The blood muddled the complete darkness,
The belief and optimism were all gone,
He was lying in pool of blood all alone,
There was a single thought that echoed in his numb brain,
Why he listened to his vacillating heart,
Why he walked this barbarous untraveled path.


  1. Good one..awesome..poised one ! I see lot of me in you now ;)

  2. Thanks Suguna... hope one day I can write as gud as u do :)