Thursday, August 18, 2011

Banyan Tree

In a far-far away woods stood a lonely banyan tree,
Predators hovering all around,
The death and pain was the sound to be found,
Tree's days passed witnessing howls and shrieks.

One day there was a change,
No! nothing looked strange,
Still every one heard the change,
Who is it! Who is it! Was the chatter?
A bird sang sitting on top of the banyan tree.

Cuckoo’s voice was full of tranquility,
The banyan tree felt rejuvenated,
Tree praised her again and again,
The tree asked the bird to dwell,
Bird liked the idea and said very well!

The tree gave bird its best orifice,
Made sure that water and food was suffice,
Protected the bird in sleepy days and dark nights,
The bird sang songs heart fully.

As phases of moon the mood of bird started to get ruined,
Bird felt her free spirit caged,
One day bird left roost,
The tree felt pangs of sorrow and pain,
Tree's sap of life started to drain.

One day an old owl came to stay in roost,
Owl tried to do the morale boost,
Tree narrated its guilt, while waiting for wilt.

Owl asked the tree,
Did it felt sorry when the old leaves fly & die?
Did tree felt the pain when the old twigs fall?
Did leaving of branches ever caused the sorrow?

Tree thought and sought hard,
Things happen and time pass by,
Tree fathomed that the agony was bane.