Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adieu poem

This poem I had written for my last day mail at CSC Noida. I have tried to summarize best parts of my CSC Noida's stay.

Stroke of destiny changed it all,
I was in a place not unknown,
In milieu of unknown faces I first felt lost,
After meeting you I enjoyed day’s a lot.
A stroll to Pancham’s tea stall started the day,
We munched the delicious double burst pizzas in lunch,
To shake off siesta we sprinted once more to Pancham’s tea stall,
Devoured humongous samosas, bread pakoras with cups of evening tea.
Exhibited the smart skills in ferocious battles of pocket tank,
Bugged few people and debugged the code,
In tension searched google with attention,
From here and there copy pasted the snippets of code,
Created the makeshift and jugadu reports.
You were my angels whenever I was struck,
I wish you good luck,
And hope next time we meet with smile.