Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When he had a free fall

At one end lived a bubbly girl,
Her hut was surrounded by the thorny bushes,
He used to watch her from the highest branch of the banyan tree,
In the vast web of its branches he used to get disappear,
Some days he felt great and other days he had to just wait and wait,
She sometimes played with her dogs,
And some days she chased the frogs,
She spoke slowly and sparsely,
She walked briskly and worked smartly,
Her big eyes were calm and inquisitive,
She had a rainbow smile,
Smile that enchant and engross,
When she smiled,
Her big mischievous eyes enthralled,
Her teeth sparkled and dazzled,
Her fingers moving though her tresses created a flutter,
Her smiling lips washed the pain of eternity,
Her soft chuckles matched the melodious music of Mozart,
Her soft pompous cheeks gushed with red blood were treat to watch,
One day while she was chasing her dogs,
Their eyes met and got locked,
She looked up and stood there for seconds,
He felt something pierced through him,
There was rustling of braches and he had a free fall.