Sunday, December 11, 2011

I wish to live today again

May tomorrow never arrives,
Today is the day to embrace,
A day full of sorrows and pains,
Filled with vanity and vain,
Tomorrow may be bright - full of light,
Still, I wish to live today again,
Not for agony or pain but to be sane.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Banyan Tree

In a far-far away woods stood a lonely banyan tree,
Predators hovering all around,
The death and pain was the sound to be found,
Tree's days passed witnessing howls and shrieks.

One day there was a change,
No! nothing looked strange,
Still every one heard the change,
Who is it! Who is it! Was the chatter?
A bird sang sitting on top of the banyan tree.

Cuckoo’s voice was full of tranquility,
The banyan tree felt rejuvenated,
Tree praised her again and again,
The tree asked the bird to dwell,
Bird liked the idea and said very well!

The tree gave bird its best orifice,
Made sure that water and food was suffice,
Protected the bird in sleepy days and dark nights,
The bird sang songs heart fully.

As phases of moon the mood of bird started to get ruined,
Bird felt her free spirit caged,
One day bird left roost,
The tree felt pangs of sorrow and pain,
Tree's sap of life started to drain.

One day an old owl came to stay in roost,
Owl tried to do the morale boost,
Tree narrated its guilt, while waiting for wilt.

Owl asked the tree,
Did it felt sorry when the old leaves fly & die?
Did tree felt the pain when the old twigs fall?
Did leaving of branches ever caused the sorrow?

Tree thought and sought hard,
Things happen and time pass by,
Tree fathomed that the agony was bane.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

With Closed Eyes

We fathom what eyes show,
Some smiling happy faces,
Wishes of good luck,
Each is construed to be true,
Still there lies a lot,
Beyond the periphery of sight,
Hidden under the skin,
Colored by their prejudice,
We believe what we wish to,
Letting reality get mangled we rejoice,
All faces and eyes can lie,
Truth is not only what can be seen,
It is what can be ascertained with closed eyes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Strong as steel,
Fast as a cheetah,
Obedient and trust worthy,
I am.

I was born to serve,
Fulfill wishes of my master,
I stand out under the burning sun,
Count the stars in moonless nights,
Always geared up to act on master’s command,
He thinks and I perform.

In dark nights and unknown trails,
My eyes shows him direction,
I keep him safe and warm,
I always understand his stimulus,
I love his way of caring me,
I am his beloved car.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adieu poem

This poem I had written for my last day mail at CSC Noida. I have tried to summarize best parts of my CSC Noida's stay.

Stroke of destiny changed it all,
I was in a place not unknown,
In milieu of unknown faces I first felt lost,
After meeting you I enjoyed day’s a lot.
A stroll to Pancham’s tea stall started the day,
We munched the delicious double burst pizzas in lunch,
To shake off siesta we sprinted once more to Pancham’s tea stall,
Devoured humongous samosas, bread pakoras with cups of evening tea.
Exhibited the smart skills in ferocious battles of pocket tank,
Bugged few people and debugged the code,
In tension searched google with attention,
From here and there copy pasted the snippets of code,
Created the makeshift and jugadu reports.
You were my angels whenever I was struck,
I wish you good luck,
And hope next time we meet with smile.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The untraveled path

Heavy boots shattering the peace of night,
Flickering rays of oil lamp pierced the darkness,
So many terrifying fables engulfed in darkness of this canyon,
He walked without knowing the truth of the dark nameless fissure,
He walked with fear in his mind but faith in his heart,
The flame fluttered like the fang of snake,
He hoped that dark journey would enlighten his tomorrow,
Once he discovered the concealed potion,
He walked steadily with presumptions,
Suddenly he bumped in a wall of rock,
He got hurt and felt nipping pain,
Still optimism triumphed the pain,
The vainglorious man kept on walking on a unknown trail,
He was defiant and felt insurmountable,
The destiny had a different plan for his zealousness,
He took the next turn and he traveled few hundred feet,
The few seconds of free fall were simulating,
The touchdown was excruciating,
With few broken ribs and ruptured bones,
The blood muddled the complete darkness,
The belief and optimism were all gone,
He was lying in pool of blood all alone,
There was a single thought that echoed in his numb brain,
Why he listened to his vacillating heart,
Why he walked this barbarous untraveled path.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A tiny droplet

There exists Million and millions of droplets,
Some fall from sky and others jumps out of eye,
I do remember one tiny little droplet,
The one in your eye,
The one that choked your voice,
The one that hopelessly waited,
Waited for embrace of my hands before it got embraced by earth,
The one with a question that was never answered,
The one that was needed to be treasured,
It may be too late,
You may have lost all courage to wait,
Still I live with that day’s pain,
Sometimes in loneliness,
I remember probing big dark red eyes,
With tear about to jump off the curve of your lips,
I try to embrace but it was not the fate,
A tiny little droplet that was for my sake.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When he had a free fall

At one end lived a bubbly girl,
Her hut was surrounded by the thorny bushes,
He used to watch her from the highest branch of the banyan tree,
In the vast web of its branches he used to get disappear,
Some days he felt great and other days he had to just wait and wait,
She sometimes played with her dogs,
And some days she chased the frogs,
She spoke slowly and sparsely,
She walked briskly and worked smartly,
Her big eyes were calm and inquisitive,
She had a rainbow smile,
Smile that enchant and engross,
When she smiled,
Her big mischievous eyes enthralled,
Her teeth sparkled and dazzled,
Her fingers moving though her tresses created a flutter,
Her smiling lips washed the pain of eternity,
Her soft chuckles matched the melodious music of Mozart,
Her soft pompous cheeks gushed with red blood were treat to watch,
One day while she was chasing her dogs,
Their eyes met and got locked,
She looked up and stood there for seconds,
He felt something pierced through him,
There was rustling of braches and he had a free fall.